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The Shiro Kimono

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Step into the realm of timeless sophistication with The Shiro Kimono, a design that captures the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Crafted to perfection, this modern kimono-inspired shirt resonates with the timeless charm of Japanese cultural heritage while seamlessly embracing contemporary aesthetics and function.

Say Sionara to conventional front buttons as The Shiro introduces an elegant open-collar design that delicately frames the neck. With graceful tear-drops at the chest, this shirt does away with the need for a bow tie, giving way to uncomplicated elegance. If you loved The Seiji, your admiration for The Shiro is bound to be even deeper.

Engineered for comfort, The Shiro is tailored with an open-shoulder design that amplifies your range of motion. The unified body underscores its elegant lines, making a statement that effortlessly embodies simplicity, strength, and sophistication.

Who is the Shiro Kimono For?

Celebrated by musicians, The Shiro Kimono is a testament to its exceptional quality and design. If you're drawn to the fusion of cultural tradition and contemporary innovation, The Shiro is your ultimate choice. The Shiro Kimono beckons you to embrace a world where tradition harmoniously dances with modernity, designed with a distinctive elegance that follows your every breath.

Perfectly suited for musicians, performers, and those with an affinity for timeless fashion, this modern kimono-inspired shirt redefines your wardrobe.

Features + Functions

  • low-rise kimono
  • solid one-piece wrap for a clean look
  • solid panel front with no pleats
  • Fortissimo fabric that stretches and increase mobility
  • Fortissimo fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin to keep you cool
  • open-shoulder design to increase range of motion
  • collar is crisp with a touch of stretch
  • flat seams to reduce chafe
  • single cuff with buttons
  • no more dry cleaning
  • no undershirt necessary
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The Shiro Kimono
The Shiro Kimono
The Shiro Kimono
The Shiro Kimono