NBC News

The first run of the shirt — a pleated, raglan-sleeved, french cuffed shirt made of moisture-wicking material — sold through in days. It was the kind of buzz most start-ups dream about.

BBC World News

American violinist Kevin Yu has created a strechable, breathable formal shirt. He told us why he came up with the idea and how musicians have reacted.

The New York Times

Mr. [David] Itkin said that it felt “like something between your running shirt and your jammies” and that it did not need to be dry-cleaned. “... It doesn’t cling to the skin; you don’t feel soaking wet and clammy an hour into a Mahler symphony or an opera.”

The Times

Cue the drum roll for the Gershwin tuxedo shirt by Coregami — a new form of orchestra attire that takes the same hi-tech, breathable fabric used by cyclists to make tops fit for the Proms.

New York Philharmonic

[Frank] Huang said that playing the violin could be an "athletic endeavor, ... and that it had been good to test out a [Coregami] shirt that had been designed for flexibility and comfort."

DFW Style Daily

“From the outset, we did not design something that a lot of people like. We designed something that a few people love. Our customers are some of the most elite musicians on Earth, and their needs are specific. We bring comfort and functionality where it has never existed before.”

The Washingtonian

The brand promises to keep musicians “cool as a cat all night long,” with a soft, stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric that helps to manage body temperature and draws sweat.


The comment that we hear the most is that it is extremely light and breathable because they no longer have to wear an undershirt. The trifecta of formality, comfort, and high performance has never come together – until now.

Customers rate us:
Nicholas R.

Love it! Extremely comfortable. I have recommended this shirt to several other musicians.

Roxanne G.

Perfect shirt! My son loves it. This is the most comfortable and appropriate shirt we have found for a soloist.

Derek H.

I've had several Coregami products now, and I think the Miles Mandarin is my favorite. I love the fit, and the collar couldn't be any better. An extraordinarily sharp look, and it feels fantastic. Never wearing a full collar in dress black again. Coregami truly nailed this one!

Christopher M.

Amazing breath ability comfort and flex


I own all the shirts Coregami has ever owned, and this shirt is right up there in the Coregami quality and design. Best mandarin collar shirt I own!!

Bill M.

I was looking for a tux shirt that wouldn’t be drenched by the end of the show. THIS is it. Thanks..I urge everyone to GET THIS SHIRT…It works, Love it. Cheers

Joe G.

The shirt I finally settled on is fantastic. Initially the fit wasn't right and I decided I wanted to try a different style. Coregami was awesome about sending a new size/style to try and returning my original order. I would definitely recommend them not only for the styling, but for the customer service!

Frank V.

Hey Kevin and Co: Love the miles mandarin. I ordered a shirt that was sized well, but i felt it wasn’t long enough and if I lifted my arms while conducting (I wear it untucked) people might see things they shouldn’t see (I’m trying to diet ok!) So I ordered another bigger than my normal size and I am very happy with it. Maybe consider in the photo demos and other info approximately how long the shirt is (how far down your mid section it would hang untucked)? Thanks as always for a great product and service! Best wishes, — Thomas Fortner

Carlos R.

Amazingly comfortable and packs really well for a traveling musician.

Domenic S.

Very comfortable!

Hope N.

My son, a bassist, requested a Gershwin Tux shirt for Christmas and he loves it!

Ruth C.

We ordered the Miles Mandarin for our son, and he loves it. He was very excited to receive it, and said it fits perfectly!


What more can be said? This is the best traditional-styled dress shirt you can buy for a performing artist. Wicks sweat away from your body, is light and flexible, and looks great from the beginning to the end of the show!

Jane A.

Violinist, fits well, good length....a must for strings

Matthew P.

Fantastic product!


I’ve owned several black performance dress shirts in my life, and most don’t last, or get sweat soaked, and this one doesn’t do either. It’s great looking, comfortable, stays dry and looks brand new even after dozens of wearings. As mentored in the title, best black performance dress shirt, period.

Glenn S.

Looks great fits great.

Harris A.

The best purchase I have made. Wearing it often for orchestra concerts. Slim fit, doesn't wrinkle, and machine wash makes it one of the best shirts I own.

Harry M.

Conducted my first concert wearing the Coltrane last night. Heat builds up under a jacket, no matter what you do, but I took it off backstage between pieces and during intermission. Cooled off and dried right away, thanks to the wicking technology. What a game changer! Plus, it's already washed and drying in my laundry room.

Jacob B.

Love it and bought a 2nd one.

Tina B.


Cindy E.

My colleague in the PSO recommended these shirts…my husband considers me his ‘personal shopper’ and I’ve knocked it out of the park with these shirts. Thanks for making such a great product and providing excellent customer service too..

Mary O.

Going to Romania as a Christmas gift for my son in law

Douglas S.

I like it. I'm walking my daughter to her new husband in it. Even if I'm sweating she won't know ( or care )

Johnny M.

As a cellist, I’ve always felt that my traditional tuxedo shirt had kept me from performing with comfort and ease. The shirt always seemed very “box-y” and constricting especially in shoulder area. But! The moment I put on the Coregami “Gershwin” Tuxedo shirt, I immediately felt the difference in my maneuverability and the overall comfort that the Coregami shirt provided. Not to mention, I sweat pretty easily and this shirt absolutely keeps me cool during a performance. I highly recommend all string players to invest in Coregami’s shirts, because they completely won me over!

Stephen P.

Throughout the state of Florida, whether I’m on stage with an orchestra under hot stage lights or in a cramped and stuffy pit surrounded by my gaggle of horns in a pressure packed Broadway show run, I can count on my Coregami shirts to keep me calm, cool, and collected! #❤️Coregami Steve Parker - professional saxophonist & woodwind doubler

Cris G.

I’m thrilled with my second Coregami shirt. It’s comfortable, I feel like it keeps me cooler on stage, and it looks great. My absolute only complaint is that the sleeves feel slightly short compared to a regular shirt in the same size, but I’m also very tall and may be more sensitive to sleeve length than most.

Philippe C.

Thank you!

Lawrence L.

This company makes the best, highest quality activewear musician clothing and it’s all I wear as far as shirts go. Time for Coregami to make black suiting too!

Greg H.

The shirts are amazing

Joseph B.

In spite of some initial misunderstanding Coregami kept at it until they sold me the perfect shirt. I intend to buy all my concert shirts from them.

Kayla P.

Coregami creates quality products with efficiency and flair. This company - its people - possess great creativity in the design of their products and deliver caring service to their customers. We’re loyal fans for life!

Elisabeth H.

As the wife of a conductor, I appreciate how happy he is to wear these shirts. I appreciate even more how easy they are to take care of. Stylish, comfortable, and easy. Perfect. Thank you!!

Mary O.

My hubby is a classical violinist and only wears Coregami shirts because of the comfort - raglan sleeve, and fabric that wick s away moisture. White or Black - the Best!!!

Kwanghoon Y.

Very comfortable.

Wayne S.

Absolutely love the 4 Coregami shirts I have and I'm telling everybody about them!

Brian C.

This is secondhand; I bought the shirts for my son who’s worn the the tux shirts for several concert and the Miles for his jury and he’s very pleased with both shirts.

zinoviy b.

Comfort and great service from Coregami

Joseph W.

I love the product and tell many of my colleagues about how great the shirts are!

Gregory S.

Beautiful fabric & design.

Geoffrey B.

I have already bought a shirt that I love and have had two friends order shirts!

Steven M.

It's a phenomenal product! It completely changes the way I relate to my performance attire

Andy M.

I already have recommended it!


Awesome product made possible by an awesome guy.

Christopher M.

Perfect breath ability, light weight and comfortable

Bruno J.

The product is of great quality, the response from the communication team is really fast. So far I just have good words for the company.

Dillon W.

Its flexible fabric and moisture wicking composition makes it a must for me on a hot stage!

charles f.

Incredibly comfortable.

Kerri M.

Awesome service, great shirts. You won't be sorry you got one.

Amanda M.

Easy no cost exchange for different size. Excellent look, feel,functionality


Love everything about it from the packaging to fit. I’m getting three more

Steven M.

It's an amazing product! Changes my relationship with formalwear as a performer

Alonso B.

It is an excellent shirt! I love how breathable and flexible it is. Great for conducting! My only concern is that my neck size is large (18), and the rest of my torso is not the same proportion, so the body of the shirt is quite big because there is no “slim” version at that size. But I still have already told my conductor and musician friends about these shirts!

Joseph B.

Most comfortable shirt ever. Responsible company that takes care of its customers.
Dr. Joseph Bell

Martin C.

Excellent product!

Jesus M.

The shirts fits perfectly. Moves comfortably with my body, it’s not hot, and it looks amazing!

Michael G.

Coregami fully caters to the specific needs of musicians and performers in terms of comfort and functionality while also keeping style and formality a top priority.

Tracy M.

Does exactly what a musician needs and looks great

Kerri M.

As a dance costumer, these shirts are amazing. They guys actually LIKE wearing tux shirts now. Buy your sleeves a size up since their arms are over their heads a lot!

Rene I.

The product is all what you advertise! I would like to have more choices in size and length to be added in the future.

Silvia A.

Great product. Great customer service.

Jonathan T.

Great shirt, practically designed

Eliseo S.

The Gershwin tux shirt fits great, looks great, and it feels great. It’s easy to wash and I don’t have to worry about ironing it all the time. Already planning on getting another!

Kelly H.

It’s a great shirt!

Bill M.

Anything that is cooler onstage under a tux will get full marks from me! Cheers

Richard L.

The shirts are amazing. Every musician should be wearing one.

Sean G.

Pretty nice

Carlos R.

Incredibly comfortable and it looks great!

Hope N.

its a great shirt and my son loves it!

Michael K.

I’ve only worn the shirt once and already it’s my favorite thing to perform in. It’s comfortable, fits well, and the fact I can wash it myself is enough for me to recommend it.

Lara J.

Great shirts for performance, great fit, great service.

Denys D.

I love my new shirts

Zachary G.

Great product and great customer service.

Michelle M.

I gave a shirt to my son for Christmas. He said it is quite comfortable and he may use it for more than performance.

Jessica R.

Great product and customer service.

Mark F.

classy look
beautiful fit
excellent moveability when playing

Stephanie J.

easy to wash in the sink and very flexible fabric

Richard R.

i love your products.

Kris S.

Exactly what my son wanted.

Jesus M.

Looks beautiful and feels great!

Mary S.

The quality of the shirts we bought from you are excellent. The material is amazing, they fit well and wash well. The only complaint would be that the slim fit shirt is not available above size 16. Brass players buy larger shirts for collar size....even though we are tall and thin.

Kelly H.

I gave my conductor husband the Miles mandarin and he loves it! Being musicians we have very high expectations and appreciates great quality. I will definitely tell all my friends!

Vijay V.

Best shirt for musicians out there. An absolute treasure and so thankful for this company!

Tracy B.

Because it's truly what musicians need. Something comfortable and lightweight, yet looks polished and professional. My son LOVES the shirts we got him and has been telling his fellow musicians about it.
Keep up the AWESOME products!!😊

Stephen P.

I am an active professional musician in Southwest Florida. 90% of the work is in a warm/hot environment. These shirts are awesome in that I can always remain calm, cool, and collected even in the key of C flat!

William C.

Great fit, non wrinkle, breathable, 4 way stretch fabric! Wonderfully comfortable under stage lights!

Robert B.

Because these products are filling a vital need; we are like athletes and need flexible, durable, sweat-in-made garments that we can easily wash without having to always visit the dry cleaners

David H.

Great products! The shirts are so comfortable and easy to take care of - and they travel well in a suitcase for performances on the road!

Drew R.

I own three Coregami shirts and use them for nearly every performance. I bought my Gershwin shirt when the company was just starting, and after hundreds of performances, it is just starting to show wear around the collar. The shirts look great, wash easily, and allow me to move to play my violin with flexibility.
Please make a tuxedo jacket and mandarin collar jacket, though! I'd love to be rid of my awful jackets, too!

Ronnie S.

Very comfortable very cool under the heavy lights. The whole fabric is very flexible, as a conductor that's what I have to have.

Connor M.

The shirt comfort is unparalleled.

William K.

Because this shirt is the most comfortable, breathable, movement oriented performance shirt ever! You will never go back to normal dress shirts after wearing Coregami. - From Devin Patrick Hughes

Yaniv A.

Shirt looks great AND feels amazing!

Bryn T.

My son plays classical percussion. He can’t have too many grab and go performance clothing pieces. These shirts are super comfortable, wash well and always look great. His girlfriend plays percussion too. Hoping there will be something coming for the ladies soon!

Lawrence L.

I believe in this product and only use it for my performance wear! Other people notice and ask me about it constantly

Robert K.

great service and product

Robin Y.

We are a family of musicians and truly appreciate the Coregami shirts! Our son introduced them to us and has been a customer from the first. Now my husband is hooked. So...when are shirts going to be available for women? :)

Lara J.

Great products, great service.

Edna H.

Great product! Great customer service! Had a small issue with a shirt and they replaced it right away! Thank you!!!!!

Julie F.

I have given as gifts to two musicians who love the shirts. One is the envy of all his friends. I expect some orders came because of him. I am giving Coregami again this year

Kent T.

Because you guys have the best product and the best customer service!

Michael G.

This is a great shirt for those of us that are working musicians that have struggled in the past to stay dry. I am looking forward to wearing this shirt this coming summer as I do a lot of outdoor events.

Michael G.

It was referred to me by a friend, and I feel great about sharing this great product to others!

David C.

Great customer service so far and like the product


Magnifique! Splendide!
Confortable! Souple! Extraordinaire!

Martin C.

Great product, great service, nice packaging, hope theconpany is doing well!

Lauren R.

Superior product!!!

Alexander M.

Great quality! East to move in while playing. Highly recommended!

Ariel Z.

Best shirt I've ever used, period. Had its debut on a "heavy on timpani" concert with the Charlotte Symphony, and the difference with my usual dress shirt+cotton undershirt combo was outstanding. I felt light and comfortable, and can't imagine using anything other than Coregami's shirt from now on.

Christina S.

I love your product and your customer service. The price is too high for me to give a 10.

Timothy J.

Great shirt, performs well. This is the third one I’ve bought

zinoviy b.

Great service, very comfortable and stylish shirts!

Ilya F.

This is the most comfortable concert shirt I’ve ever worn. Absolute ease of movement and never gets too hot under the stage lights.

PartiLife P., LLC

I recommend friends and musicians all the time. Terrific products as I just bought my 3rd shirt. Keep up the great work!

Brent P.

This is a near perfect shirt for orchestral performance. I would like to see a slot for collar stays. Is there a model for cuffs?
Well done!!!!

Richard C.

Love em! They fit perfectly and allow me to move while I conduct. The moisture wicking fabric is an added bonus and feel really comfortable.

Harris A.

Perfect fit, great cool material, amazing customer service.

James A.

Best performance shirt ever!

Glenn S.

Very responsive to my requests for better size. Very cordial. Shirts feel great. Just working on getting the right size.

Nathan O.

Perfect shirt! Cool, comfortable, stylish. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

Cindy E.

These shirts are so well made and so comfortable! My husband loves them...Best thing that ever happened to a tuxedo!

Darrell B.

I'm very impressed with the attention to detail and your customer service. your staff walked me through the order process to insure I got what I was looking for. I love your piece about the care in selecting the shirt, the packaging or it and the delivery to me.

Jacob B.

As an orchestra conductor, I enjoy wearing your mandarin neck shirt in white for performance and would love to own it in black. Please let me know if it comes in black and, if not, whether you would make it available.
Thank you.

Alexander K.

Coregami products are so comfortable, easy to care for and extremely well made! Fantastic for the traveling musician!

Rafael K.

If the question was to how many friends I would recommend them, and my answer is 10, it is because they are comfortable and elegant ... and most of them are musicians!
I will go to Houston next week, ... I will try to buy more! Thank you

Wayne S.

I love these shirts!! They are the most comfortable I've ever worn, I stay cooler in them (I always overheat when I play), and I can wear the same shirt for a whole week without it beginning to smell. Awesome product!

Lawrence G.

great fit, feel and look.

Nathan O.

Fantastically comfortable, stylish shirts!! Thank you for making these!

Harris A.

great service, great product

Colin O.

Even lighter and more comfortable than anticipated. I have a concert double header in a few weeks that I look forward to using it for.

Cindy E.

Best fit...cool and comfy

Mary O.

My husband is a classical violinist and adores the shirts and wears no others - except his picque weskit and tie for his tails. I love the way they launder - and no ironing! Thank you

Melissa N.

I love my two shirts, and always tell people - even non-musicians - about them!

Kirk K.

It’s everything it says it is

Chris C.

First off, the shirts look great and are perfect for the stage. Next, and perhaps most important, they are extremely comfortable and breathable. Truly what we need for the athletic aspect of performing a musical instrument.

Johnny M.

I love the fabric and I love the way it stretches!

Stephen P.

Zero complaints

Cris G.

Good comfort, good fit, great customer service.