NBC News

The first run of the shirt — a pleated, raglan-sleeved, french cuffed shirt made of moisture-wicking material — sold through in days. It was the kind of buzz most start-ups dream about.

BBC World News

American violinist Kevin Yu has created a strechable, breathable formal shirt. He told us why he came up with the idea and how musicians have reacted.

The New York Times

Mr. [David] Itkin said that it felt “like something between your running shirt and your jammies” and that it did not need to be dry-cleaned. “... It doesn’t cling to the skin; you don’t feel soaking wet and clammy an hour into a Mahler symphony or an opera.”

The Times

Cue the drum roll for the Gershwin tuxedo shirt by Coregami — a new form of orchestra attire that takes the same hi-tech, breathable fabric used by cyclists to make tops fit for the Proms.

New York Philharmonic

[Frank] Huang said that playing the violin could be an "athletic endeavor, ... and that it had been good to test out a [Coregami] shirt that had been designed for flexibility and comfort."

DFW Style Daily

“From the outset, we did not design something that a lot of people like. We designed something that a few people love. Our customers are some of the most elite musicians on Earth, and their needs are specific. We bring comfort and functionality where it has never existed before.”

The Washingtonian

The brand promises to keep musicians “cool as a cat all night long,” with a soft, stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric that helps to manage body temperature and draws sweat.


The comment that we hear the most is that it is extremely light and breathable because they no longer have to wear an undershirt. The trifecta of formality, comfort, and high performance has never come together – until now.

Customers rate us:
Jerry J.

The shirts are terrific - just what I was hoping that they would be (and, my wife likes them, so that's the highest praise).

Joshua G.

I regularly recommend to anyone who will listen! More comfortable than any formal wear, or any men's dress shirt in general. Looking forward to the next product release!

Tracey P.

These shirts are absolutely perfect for my husband. He is a professional dancer and travels a lot to teach and perform dance. He always needs formal shirts that travel well, look good (and look period accurate), breathe well for dancing, and don't require finding a dry cleaner while traveling. These shirts are such a great idea.

Todd B.

Great personal service and the shirt is awesome! I've already put it to the test! Great product!

Trevor S.

It is a phenomenal shirt with amazing quality. My only thought on how to improve them is to also offer them in black for both models.

James R.

Great product and even better service. Sizing change was immediately accommodated with a return label and replacement. When I had a minor quibble with the replacement, it was promptly replaced without question. Genuinely "above and beyond" customer service that is nearly unheard of today. Loyal customer -- looking forward to a black shirt offering!

Travis L.

There are some minor fixes I would want fixed before I spend that much money on a shirt again, but the concept is truly revolutionary for musicians. I've used mine 5 times already and I love getting to wear it.

G. Mikael L.

I come from Sweden, and I live in Texas. The Bernstein already made my performance experience has already improved; I am not burning up on stage anymore!

Ronn H.

Great service, Great Product!

Terry B.

My son loves his shirt! It fits beautifully, looks sharp, and, was cool and comfortable to wear. Thank you for such an amazing product! In fact, I am ordering him a second shirt for his birthday. Now I just need to find a coupon code!

Esther B.

My husband is a trumpet player and he loves his new shirt. GREAT GIFT for a loved one who is a musician.

Sam J.

I would definitely recommend this to some of my friends who are avid performers and musicians, but I would love to see the color selection expand on the Bernstein to include at least black.

Peter H.

I will be traveling to St. Petersburg and Prague to take dance classes with two vintage ballroom tour groups and there will be 6 balls in two weeks at the end of June and beginning of July. Of course the ladies will have to consume all the allowed checked luggage so I'll need to rinse and repeat the tux shirts. I have recommended you to dance instructors who tour Japan, France, Russia, and across the US.

Ian S.

Very comfortable and stylish!

Yumi P.

Bought the Bernstein for my fiance who is a concert violinist. He loves it! He said he's never felt so light and free in a concert shirt. Would definitely recommend it to anybody!

Drew L.

It's not a perfect shirt yet (and that's kind of an arbitrary thing anyway), but it's a real "work shirt" that functions like it should. Kevin is a wealth of knowledge and am excited to see what he brings out in the future.

James R.

Awesome product and service!

Michelle G.

Fantastic shirt!

Brent E.

Shirt fits great, feels comfortable, looks good!

Nathan N.

It's a great product, and I love the fit!

James H.

Innovative product, excellent service

Bo L.

Great customer service and easy return/exchange process. Amazing product that every musician should have

Toby L.

I love both shirts I have purchased. They are comfortable, look great, and are easy to care for. I was an early adopter of the original shirt, and my first shirt had some issues. Coregami made it right and replaced it. I'm very pleased and show all my musician friends my shirts when I wear them.

Mariah O.

You have an amazingly comfortable, easy-to-care-for product that is indeed unique in the field....and the best customer service I've ever seen! Bravo!

Ann M.

Because the shirts are extremely well made and comfortable. Both my husband and son are professional musicians and need cloths that wear and travel well. Both need lots of shoulder room for trombone and cello playing but also want a fitted nice looking shirt that can handle sweat and lots of wear and tear. They were both especially impressed with the comfortable collar and easy closure. The shirts came promptly in time for Christmas though I only ordered them a week in advance. Very kind and speedy customer service as well. Thank you for making this important product!!!

Renee G.

The positive reaction of the recipients of the shirts purchased was more than I could have hoped for.

Jonathan De V.

Great clothing. Great fit. Great idea for performance clothing!

Taylor B.

I like that with the Bernstein, I can fit into both formal and non formal dress codes with a shirt that allows for better movement and gives me more room in the jacket.

Alastair E.

I love coregami

Casey M.

Hands down best formal wear I have ever purchased. Comfortable and so easy to care for. Thank you for the outstanding performance gear!!

Patty S.

I actually bought this as a Christmas gift. Hasn't been opened, but I know he had really been wanting one

Leah M.

Product is great! Delivered quickly and fits great.

Julie H.

The shirt is amazing...lots of people have complimented me. They say that it fits really well on me, and I tell them how comfortable it is.

Richard R.

Comfortable and practical. Love I can wash and no ironing.

Michele G.

This is an amazing shirt! I always get very hot in performances, but this shirt helped me stay cool and comfortable throughout the entire month of December....so many concerts!

Taylor B.

I purchased the shirt for my son who loves it! Fast shipping. My only constructive feedback is that although he typically wears an athletic or slim cut I went with the regular. It fits him perfectly so the regular may not be an accurate sizing measurement.

Donna M.

Liked the shirt, material, service, return service for wrong size ordered. Too expensive, though. Would like to have a few more, but can't afford shirts that highly priced. "

Buffy B.

Beautiful product, wonderful interactions with team. They went the extra mile to make sure I had a shirt that fit (I ordered the wrong size) in a quick turnaround needed for upcoming concert. Thank you!!!

Melanie S.

My husband loves the Gershwin tux shirt I got him! He says it's really comfortable and breathable under hot stage lights. He brags about the shirt to all his performer friends and encourages them to get one, too. I think it looks sharper than a regular tux shirt. It has a really crisp, clean look. Great product! Great customer service, too. The shirt was out of stock when I ordered it, so I was given discount to make up for having to wait a few more months for it to arrive. It was worth the wait!

Manuel B.

Just fantastic!!!!!!

Bonnie G.

Because the Bernstein shirt I ordered as a gift for my organist son arrived at his campus apartment two weeks ago (he had not yet opened the box) but he needed a white shirt for a recital and all of his were wrinkled Beyond All Belief. I told him to open the Bernstein - it was pristine, wrinkle free, fit perfectly- and No Sweat Tacos!! Coregami to the rescue!!!

Anthony P.

The shirt I purchased for my wedding was fantastic. I will also use it regularly at work. I was very comfortable all night! Thank you

Zachary G.

My son who plays trombone in a professional orchestra loves the tuxedo shirt I bought him last year. This year I sent him the dress shirt and he is very pleased.

Aaron Y.

Excellent product; it is my favorite shirt and I would wear one every day if I had enough money to afford it. Can't wait for the Coltrane release!

Ronald M.

The shirt fits well but is forgiving for breathing and neck expansion when playing a brass instrument. The shirt looks great and is extremely comfortable.

Darren S.

Coregami has made the first shirt that fits the task of what I actually do as a professional violinist. Playing is about movement and your shirt is the only one that feels as though it moves with me and allows me full, unfettered range of motion when I perform.

Donna F.

Customer service is the BEST! So appreciative of your superior product!

Philippe C.

"This is a fantastic shirt. My only reservation is its heat-retention. True, it does noticeably shed this heat over time, but since I tend to be warm in performance, this shows up as an issue. Keep up the great work and the evolution of this shirt. Written with appreciation..."

Deborah K.

I bought these tuxedo shirts for my sons, a bass player and a symphony conductor. They are both very pleased with the comfort and the ease of motion that the shirts allow. They look great, too!

Mary O.

Perfect for active musicians!

Jonathan A.

It's the best tux shirt I have ever used for gigs. It's extremely comfortable.

Richard B.

Not only is the product "top notch", but the customer service is outstanding.

James T.

I like the idea of the shirt, but since I have an athletic build, I find the shirt pretty snug. It is also a little warmer than I'd prefer. Otherwise, it would be a 9 or a 10.

Jonathan V.

I believe Coregami is the future wear of professional musicians and orchestras. The product exudes thought, quality, and care. It improves a tradition that has not been improved in centuries - Coregami is a brilliant model/idea and shares care for their customers.

Jay N.

The Gershwin stays cool under stage lights, and doesn't come un-tucked when I'm moving from instrument to instrument for percussion changes.

Ron G.

Shirt is very comfortable and customer service is excellent

Miriam K.

I think this is such a great idea! The inplementation is terrific and by the way, your customer service people are super-nice!

Nadia F.

Fantastic product and personalized service!

James B.

Great product!

Max D.

Comfortable shirt, great service!

Brian T.

Beautifully made shirt, it's so well thought out!!

Nick N.

The shirt looks good and keeps me comfortable during concerts. A work uniform doesn't have to be awkward to look professional.

John G.

I feel extremely flexible when wearing and performing in the Gershwin Tuxedo, and machine washing it is a bonus!

David H.

I love this shirt! It is so light weight and comfortable, it allows me to have the freedom of movement I need at the organ and harpsichord, and it's beautifully styled. Can't wait to see the black version of the shirt!

Susan A.

This Gershwin shirt is game changing for performing musicians!

Guilherme Z.

Because it is so comfortable.

Mark D.

fantastic improvement for instrumentalists required to wear formal wear

Casey M.

Heads down the most comfortable tuxedo shirt I have ever worn. It keeps me cool for warm outdoor performances, simple care, and looks sharp! I can't wait for a pit black shirt!!

David K.

It does exactly what it is supposed to do-control the sweat. Now I can focus more on my performance instead of my sweat.

Anthony Halstead

It's the most comfortable dress shirt I've ever worn. Many thanks.

Gary H.

It's still a fair bit of cash for my musician friends to drop on a tux shirt, and I haven't had a chance to really put it through its paces yet, so I couldn't really give it a ten. I do love the concept, and so far I am very happy with the product.

Mark W.

Great idea that's well executed. The fit and feel are fantastic, it's machine washable and it's competitively priced with other quality tuxedo shirts.

Michael G.

The shirt fits well, and it looks really nice. No one would ever know there was anything unusual about it. Extremely comfortable to play in, especially the collar. Price is a little expensive, but I realize these things are not made in massive volume yet. I would say the price is comparable to a really nice tux shirt. I'm just used to paying $30 for crappy ones because they get beat up so much. If I get at least a few years of good use it'll be well worth it.

Christopher K.

Great customer service and quality of product. Just a bit expensive

Mario C.

Service and response very good. Shirt is fairly comfortable.

Derek Z.

Really fantastic shirts! Sleeves seem a tad long, and it would be great to have a buttoned option instead of cuff links which can scratch instruments. Can you guys make tux pants and jackets out of this material too? :)

Todd C.

Great shirt, very comfortable and light weight. My only wish is that there were another option for the collar. Not a huge fan of the wingtip.

Addi L.

Feels great!

Michael S.

Shirts feel great, look great and service is excellent! Thanks!!

John B.

Haven't had the chance to perform in the shirt. Want to try at work since it's close to 80 Fahrenheit during most performances. 8 out of 10 only because it doesn't have the neat crisp look of a starched cotton pique shirt.

Vijay V.

It is an amazing shirt that provides the perfect amount of flexibility for an active performer; just what I need to focus more on the music and not what I'm wearing. It's a God-send!

Ted S.

Loved the customer service and shirt.

Richard R.

Excellent product, efficient and courteous service.

Ryan E.

I love the shirt. It's very breathable and free moving. I had to return it however because it's definitely fit for thin men and I am more of a barrel-chested man but will definitely look for a big and tall version in the future!

Jason H.

Love the shirt. Customer service is superb!

Asa B.

The shirt is great. Just as promised. Does what I needed it to do.

Adrian D.

It's comfortable and looks like it should. We also need to support a long overdue upgrade to our concert clothes.

Scott H.

I saw it online and thought it was high time someone came up with this. I played wearing it at the Hollywood Bowl this past weekend and was thrilled with the comfort and fit.... Can you see what you can do with jackets....!!!


The fit is great but I think I might like other styles. Price is a little high for a shirt that can't be tailored. Don't yet know how it'll hold up.

Jeff P.

I like the shirt very much. It's comfortable and easy to keep looking good. AND, the company is very responsive to questions, concerns, etc.

Patrick L.

great design and function.

Darren S.

Easily the best feeling tuxedo shirt I've ever tried. Finally there's a shirt that's built around performance rather than just looking good. I've already recommended the Gershwin to a number of colleagues in other orchestras.

David L.

Great fit. Only have to wash it in cold water after wearing and it's good as new. Breathes, stretches. A lifesaver

Donald A.

This is a great shirt for conducting as it is cool in every way. Given the fabric, it takes a small adjustment in feel from normal shirts but easily made. It also travels well in the suitcase as it doesn't require ironing. Lastly, after washing it dries looking pressed!

Drayana R.

Solid product, just very pricy. I was recommended the product by two other symphony musicians.

Ruth C.

The material snags easily. My husband is a trumpeter, and the first time he wore it, the metal rim on his horn snagged it.

Carlos C.

This is something that I know that my friends will love! My college studio instructor already has one and and was amazed. This is a product that will help musicians.

P. Scott J.

Wonderful shirt! Comfy, good looking, and easy to launder.

Peter S.

So much more comfortable than normal!

Linda D.

I am very impressed with the quality. Also my friend I bought the shirt for is very pleased with its performance!

Colleen S.

I've already recommended it to a few friends in the Phil and in the LA recording studios. I bought it for my husband and I'll be ordering another one soon. He loves it!

Dennid N.

Great shirt, great customer service. Simple, easy to clean and most importantly good looking shirt. Finally!!!

Rainer E.

Great shirts

Marc B.

The quality of material felt very comfortable against my skin. The stretch and movement was much better than any "regular" cotton dress shirt.

Bret S.

Product is what's advertised! Comfortable, cool, exquisite looking and at a fair price. Really makes a difference when the stage lighting is roasting you. Thanks

Viktor P.

Because it was a dream come true of a friend who I care about and who I admire for make his dreams come true. And, because the product is so good!!

Ann L.

My son, a professional musician, loves the shirt, which I gave him as a gift. I plan to order another one soon!/p>

Graeme B.

Great product, designed by musicians for musicians. A very niche market, so important to cater to specific needs, which Coregami does very well.

Brenda W.

Despite not getting the shirts I ordered until after the majority of events for which I needed them, I'm so impressed with the product itself that I would highly recommend it. There is nothing out there like it and the tux shirts are such an improvement from standard tux shirts.....not even close. I look forward to new pieces.

Peter G.

The high quality and comfort of the Gershwin shirt and the prompt delivery helped me to rate Coregami a 10.

Gene S.

I have only worn and washed the shirt once. I loved wearing it! It was very comfortable and I paired it with a Sloane undershirt. My new shirt has just been washed and hung to dry and looks great. I want to see how it holds up with use before rating it a ten.

Christopher M.

You guys are great! Great customer service and an awesome product. Keep it up.

Rosita M.

Great product. Musicians who wear swear to their comfort

Joshua H.

I have already recommended COREGAMI to friends and colleagues.

Jamie B.

This is the BEST tux shirt for anyone who wears them regularly. So easy to care for and comfortable to wear!

Bradley R.

Already recommended it to a friend, and he loves his! Several of my other friends are considering purchasing a Gershwin. I get stopped for questioning every time I wear mine. :)

Alan H.

It is the best formal apparel I have ever purchase. As a conductor I can't believe how awesome this shirt is to wear while working up a sweat.

Wyeth T.

awesome product for working musicians

Eric S.

My son loves the shirt. He plays trombone and he says it does not constrict him at all when playing. It moves with him and he keeps cool doing so!

Katherine K.

My son, a music major at Cal State Fullerton, loved his shirt!

Stanley C.

My name is Stanley Chyi, I have two Gershwins now. The shirts are soft and cool, the comfort level of my performance attire has gone way up! I perform with several orchestras in the Houston/Austin TX area and I recommend the shirts to anyone who will listen. Thanks for a great product.

Joseph L.

It's a great product that meets a performer's needs!

Thomas H.

This is the most comfortable, most ergonomically designed dress shirt I have ever worn. Please make more!

Toby L.

I love how comfortable the shirt is, and I just toss it in the washing machine, hang it up wet, and next morning it looks like new. And it looks great! I showed it off the last concert I played and I suspect at least 4 orders will be coming your way.

Daren S.

It is light. It fits well and it looks great!

John M.

I've already recommended it! I'm a trombonist; I require lots of mobility. I also don't like visiting dry cleaners or ironing. Win win win! A few of my friends and colleagues have already purchased shirts based on my recommendation. In fact, on my very first gig wearing it, another bone player had one on! He said he saw my Facebook post praising it and picked one up. He loves his too!

Aaron K.

I liked it a lot. It was able to move with me when I needed it to. Very comfortable! Sleeves were a bit too long even though I ordered the shorter length, but alterations can take care of that.

Daren S.

It is light. It fits well and it looks great!

John F.

I mention it to people I play with, but I don't track down everyone in the orchestra to make sure they know about my shirt. I make sure that my colleagues know that I really like it. The Principle Horn in the El Paso Symphony just got one and we were raving about it in front of members of the Chorua, (we're doing Beethoven #9) a couple talked like they were very interested. Keep me posted on that Wash & Wear Tux (kidding, but not really)

Richard R.

Sweating help, laundry saving money not taking to laundry.

Jeffrey E.

I love my Coregami tuxedo shirt! I love how it feels when I play in it and I always used to wear a wicking undershirt to try to keep me cool, but now I don't have to and it really feels amazing. I can't wait to see what else Coregami will come up with!

Carol M.

My son absolutely loves his tux shirt. We are anxiously awaiting your next two models!

Thomas D.

My level of satisfaction is 10 but I don't know what others needs are in a dress shirt. I will recommend Coregami to most people.

Cynthia C.

My son loves your shirt! Now make a more casual one in black!

Charles L.

I just wore my new tux shirt for the first time last night, and I am really impressed with how cool it kept me during a very warm gig! I had several guys in the band ask about the shirt, and I have already passed on the website info for Coregami. I will be a willing ambassador for Coregami!

Gail H.

Does exactly as promised and it's great! Customer service rocks!

Jeremy W.

Would be a ten except for two things... It stinks after one wearing on me. It's still got a high price point. ...although I'll buy a black one when they come out:)

Dana L.

The shirts are amazing!

Emily W.

My husband loved the shirt I bought him. He is a conductor so he moves a LOT when he is performing and I think he will be much more comfortable in this shirt. Thank you!!

Jeff H.

I already recommended the shirt to everyone in my trumpet section.

Caitlin J.

Because that shirt is what musicians have needs for years!!!

Mark N.

comfortable and great customer service

Phillip A.

It's great I love it

Spiro N.

The most comfortable dress shirt ever!

Murray G.

My Cellist son loves his two Coregami shirts!!!

Joshua R.

I have used this shirt for a number of performances now and I am amazed at how comfortable it is both by wicking sweat and being flexible, and how easy it is to play in it. I could not imagine performing in any other kind of shirt now.

Vijay V.

I have worn the Gershwin shirt since January and it has redefined my comfort level during musical performances. Before I would wear dress shirts and I would feel so constricted at the elbows and chest. With this shirt, I am able to focus on the music entirely and not my outfit. I have already told many of my musical friends at USC and beyond about this shirt who have purchased it for themselves.

Christine T.

Son is very happy with the tux shirt. Very comfortable and easy to clean.

Ethan R.

My shirt is incredibly comfortable, and it keeps me much cooler during a performance that a standard tuxedo shirt. I also have a much greater range of motion when I play, which is tremendously helpful. I also love that it never gets wrinkled.

Nicholas P.

This is an amazingly revolutionary product that makes performing as a conductor comfortable

Steven R.

Comfort while performing is amazing.

Aaron Y.

It's the most comfortable tuxedo shirt I've ever worn. I wish all of my dress shirts felt like this.

Dominic F.

great product! come out with more styles