Coregami is an American clothing company that focuses on technical formal wear. Founded by a concert violinist and avid sports fan, Coregami specializes in performal wear, which combines athletic functionality with formal aesthetics.

Released in June 2015, The Gershwin is the first moisture-wicking tuxedo shirt in the world. After a year and hundreds of email requests, Coregami is proud to introduce the most versatile shirt ever designed for a performing artist, The Bernstein. 

Since its launch, Coregami has been featured by numerous media outlets including The New York Times, The Times of London, The BBC, The Washingtonian, and NBC. Today, Coregami is delighted to be serving the best musicians and symphony orchestras in the world.

First of Its Kind

The first Coregami product, the Gershwin, is the world’s first moisture-wicking high-performance tuxedo shirt.

Since Coregami’s 2015 launch, numerous world-class publications have highlighted its success, including The New York Times, The Times of London, The BBC, The Washingtonian, and NBC. Today, some of the world’s finest symphony musicians wear the Gershwin.

The first technical formal wear in the world

How We Started

It all started with a simple idea -- make a better tuxedo shirt.

We wanted performance shirts that were formal and comfortable. Shirts that wicked perspiration from our skin instead of absorbing it. Shirts that provided a wide range of motion and enhanced our performance under the world’s brightest and hottest spotlights.

At Coregami, we conceived of performal™ apparel and made this dream a reality. These remarkable garments keep concert artists cool, dry, and active throughout intense live performances.

The design and engineering of our Coregami apparel are complex, but our mission is simple: provide innovation and inspiration to all musicians.

Our Mission: To bring Inspiration and Innovation to every musician in the world

Meet Our Founder

Kevin is the Founder of Coregami, the first technical formal wear company in the world.

Growing up in Dallas, he is a three-time Texas All-State musician and has served as the Concertmaster of the UT Austin University Orchestra. Professionally, Kevin has worked at Cisco Systems, KPMG, Atmos Energy and other startups while balancing his schedule as a professional violinist with the Las Colinas Symphony .

Bothered by the incredible discomfort of his concert tuxedo and the lack of alternatives, Kevin became obsessed with re-imagining formal wear. After countless prototypes, he finally failed his way to a solution. But that would only be the beginning. The success of the Gershwin tuxedo shirt ignited the technical formal wear movement and positioned Coregami to disrupt an industry that has not been updated since its inception.

In his spare time, he enjoys international travel and has walked the El Camino de Santiago. After the Asian tsunami, his deployment of a foreign aid platform in India led to the Rotary International Service Award. In 2011, he was one of 55 Americans designated a Marshall Fellow by the German Marshall Fund.

Today, he serves as a Commissioner on the Texas Commission on the Arts and the Board of the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra. He resides in Uptown Dallas with his wife who is a yoga instructor, a ninja turtle named Stanley, and a golden doodle named Ketchup.

He's just getting started.