Founded in 2015, Coregami is a music-inspired technical formal wear company for performing artists. We were born from a love of music, the desire to innovate technical formal gear and the appetite to build a community of artists to serve the world. - Our first garment - a moisture wicking tuxedo shirt - was made for men to wear on the hot concert stages. Through plenty of feedback from our artist ambassadors and elite concert musicians, we now design for other sweaty pursuits in formal settings. It helps that our team members and designers are musicians and sweat-minded people too. - We are Artists serving Artists. And we are just getting started.


Coregami started as a personal project. Having been a violinist for over thirty years, I've never liked my tuxedo uniform. Growing up with Nike, Underarmour and Lululemon, I knew that fabric designs and new technologies were advancing by leaps and bounds. My only thought was — Why has formal wear not changed in a hundred years? After suffering a sweaty meltdown on stage, I couldn’t take it anymore. I started at Zero. I didn’t know anything about fashion. I don't like to shop and prefer t-shirt and shorts. I'm the least likely person to be in this business. After countless prototypes, a lot of feedback from musicians, and years in development, we failed our way to a solution. In June 2015, we created the world's first moisture-wicking tuxedo shirt. With some good fortune, we landed on the front page of The New York Times. We sold out rounds after rounds of inventory and we flew by the seat of our pants. Our tiny startup continues to push forward. Today, Coregami is serving more professional artists than any brand in the world. Our story is not done being told. We believe that the best is still ahead. As we move forward, we hope to better serve our community of artists. We will do Good and we will do Better.


DESIGN | Form & Function We believe that products must serve a purpose. We begin from a simple point of need - refinements to an existing piece of attire, an item that does not yet exist, addressing comfort or textile compromises, a feature that snags or causes issues. We look at existing products of the past, we look present at our capabilities, and we look into the future with our imagination. From here, our design team wireframes a set of concepts and we move quickly to create a prototype. TESTING | From Backstage to Centerstage A good understanding of the design problem involves testing, feedback, and collaboration. Once the prototype is ready and approved, we place them with elite concert musicians for live testing under concert conditions. We collect their feedback and evolve the designs. It's a long process. But with every iteration, we inch towards what is optimal between the user and the garment.


Kevin is the Founder of Coregami, the first technical formal wear company in the world. Growing up in Dallas, he is a three-time Texas All-State musician and has served as the Concertmaster of the UT Austin University Orchestra and Principal of the Masters Sinfonia in San Francisco. Professionally, Kevin has worked at Cisco Systems, KPMG, Atmos Energy and other startups while balancing his schedule as a professional violinist with the Las Colinas Symphony . In his spare time, he enjoys international travel and has walked the El Camino de Santiago. After the Asian tsunami, his deployment of a foreign aid platform in India led to the Rotary International Service Award. In 2011, he was one of 55 Americans designated a Marshall Fellow by the German Marshall Fund. Today, he serves as a Commissioner on the Texas Commission on the Arts and the Board of the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra. He resides in Uptown Dallas with his wife who is a yoga instructor, a minion named Ava, and golden doodle that loves Ketchup. He's just getting started.